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Explore a neon vortex in Eaux's euphoric new video

Hackney's electronic trio light up the darkness in the abstract 'Head' visual

There’s a seductive light at the end of Eaux’s tunnel; for all their sci-fi undertones, the Hackney darkwave trio can’t help drifting towards euphoria. Debut LP Plastics (out June 2 on ATP) is a kind of sensory overload of minimal pleasures, all mesmerising pinwheels and subconscious swirls. Fitting, then, that their self-produced “Head” video paints with subtle strokes. Its intersecting beams and streaming taillights are like a coma victim’s memories of the city, overlaid by crimson lips releasing gentle secrets. After a thudding ECG intro, vocalist Sian Ahern’s murmurs roll in and overlap like soft-focus flames, licking at starry sequencers for a darkly euphoric finale. Watch it exclusively via Dazed.

Don't miss the album launch at Birthdays on June 9.