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Trip out with TALA's underground pop

We premiere the London artist's new video inspired by extreme cinema, proving her one of the UK's most directional new talents

With the video for "Serbia", rising London-based pop artist/producer TĀLĀ was inspired by Srđan Spasojević's notorious A Serbian Film, which was banned in ten countries for its horrific depictions of necrophilia and sexual abuse. Here, though, VHS-style visuals and jump-cuts don't show gratuitous violence, but community life in and around Marrakesh. “I've always loved the idea of knitting together completely opposing ideas,” TĀLĀ says. “I find it more exciting to take two opposing factors and fuck with them." In the video for the scattered, irrepressible track, TĀLĀ travels around the foothills of the Atlas Mountains for moments of serenity amidst the frenzy. Underground pop just got a thrilling new voice.

TĀLĀ's debut EP, The Duchess, will be available on Aesop on June 2