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DJ Die's Bristol Bass Oddity Mix

Stream more underground classics from the West Country – this time from DJ Die

To honour the premiere of tonight's third #MusicNation episode, Bristol Bass Oddity, on Channel 4 we've got this very special Bristolian mix from DJ Die. Not content with just the one mix to celebrate with today, this beauty courtesy of the Bristol-based DJ and producer runs from start to finish as a who's who of the West Country's underground scene – consider this the deep cut. Making the mix brought back a lot of fond memories for Die, "One of my favourite times was when The Two Bad crew played a jam at the Sculpture Shed over by the SS Great Briton in '87." he says. "It was originally billed to be just a fashion show followed by the DJs as support but as soon as the models left the stage and the DJs started playing it was clear what the people were there for. That party has legendary status along with so many other jams that have gone down in Bristol town over the years."


Die, Skits, Rodney P, Dynamite MC and Tali – “It’s On”

Dynamite MC (produced by Clipz) – “You Lying”

MC Sir Plus and Terminal Epidemics Crew – “Untitled”

Krust – “Interlude”

Die, DJ Lean aka Ben Westbeech (feat Dynamite MC and MC Sir Plus) – “That’s Cold”

MC Sir Plus and Terminal Epidemics Crew – “Some Days”

Navigator – “Untitled”

Navigator (produced by DJ Krust) – “Untitled”

MC RETNA (produced by Roni Size) – “New Approaches”

MC RETNA – “Choices”

K*Ners (feat Hollie G)(produced by Clipz) – “Get To Know”

Buggsy (produced by Die & DJ Lean) – “The Gizzle”

Die & DJ Lean – “I’m Sorry” (instrumental)

Porishead – “Only You”

Diane Charlamagne (produced by Rat) – “Oxygen”

Fresh 4 (produced by Smith and Mighty and the Fresh 4) – “Wishing On A Star”

Smith and Mighty (feat Jacki Jackson) – “Walk On By”

Smith and Mighty (feat Jackie Jackson) – “Anyone”

Massive Attack (feat Daddy G Carlton)(produced by Massive Attack & Smith and Mighty) – “Anylove”

Ben Westbeech – “I Feel So Today”