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Evy Jane Closer

Evy Jane – Closer

Exclusive: Ninja Tune's Vancouver duo share a dreamy video for the iridescent lead track from a new EP

We hadn’t heard a beat from Vancouver duo Evy Jane since they released their cloak-and-dagger R&B/dubstep debut EP back in 2012. Now, this elegant, technicolour video for Slush-Puppie-cool new track “Closer” serves both as their return notice and a trailer for their forthcoming EP on Ninja Tune. Vocalist Mason is the solitary figure bearing a double rainbow’s worth of CGI effects, her silken vocals enshrined in FX and hovering atop de-clawed percussion, near-baleful synth beds and inquisitive palpitations of keyboards. It casts a spine-tingling, icy pall over you on every play.

"Closer" is available to stream and buy now