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The best videos of the month

April's finest, feat. Jamie xx's stunning "Sleep Sound" and Ratking's high octane "Canal"

Jamie xx – “Sleep Sound”

Artist Sofia Mattioli brings us this astounding video for Jamie XX’s “Sleep Sound”, exploring the potential of shared movementand atonal reverberations to communicate rhythm and emotion. Featuring members of the Manchester Deaf Centre, the power of the central concept is magnified by delicate spotlighting and a softened colour palette. Mattioli says that she'd like this to be the first piece of a series along this theme, and we very much hope she finds a way to continue.

Ratking – “Canal”

Rap crew Ratking lead us on a flash tour of the sites along New York’s Canal Street in this high octane cut, showing off the sites that fed into their exhilarating just-released debut record, So It Goes. We snatch glimpses of a cross-section of daily life on every level of their home turf, from the vacant rooftops above to speeding subways below, heightening the energy of their peripatetic beats and spitfire flow. The definitive New York video for a definitive new take on the New York sound.

Arthur Beatrice – “Late”

The ruminative indie four-piece team up with rising director George Belfield to share the fragmentary experience of young lovers, played by model Moffy and actor Nicky Bell, within a desolate industrial enclave on the Isle Of Sheppey. A hint of malevolence sharpens the intrigue here, as scenes they play out beneath portentous island skies. “Late” was shot on 35mm film by acclaimed cinematographer Steve Annis.

Jackson & His Computerband – "Memory" 

Jackson himself gives a star turn in this 16mm black and white tragic romance, brought to us by French director So Me a.k.a Bertrand de Langeron, Art Director for Ed Banger. It's a curious tale set against the atemporal backdrop of New York City, fitting a whole feature film’s worth of trauma into a few minutes.

Throwing Snow – “The Tempest” (feat Adda Kaleh)

Clothed in the garb of ancient goddesses, dancers Femke Luyckx and Medhi Walerski are replicated and spun into a series of entrancing mirages in this outstanding CGI piece by Rick Robin. The visual announces the producer's debut record, Mosaic, on Fabric’s Houndstooth label.

Boxed In – “No Joke”

Serendipitously captured by photographer Maxim Kelly whilst working in India with Juergen Teller, this video for pop-funk Manchester producer Boxed In features the wondrous daily antics of the ‘Kolcata Laughing Society’. Captured fittingly in simple documentary style, this is one to bookmark for when you really need a giggle.

Young Magic – “Fall In”

Angus Borsus (aka Helium Castle) shot this video for Brooklyn's Young Magic – Indonesian vocalist Melati Malay and Australian producer Isaac Emmanuel – in Xilitla, Mexico. The heady visual trip takes in an array of stunning, ancient locations, both natural and manmade, underscoring the dreamy vocals, shimmering percussion and evocative synth arrangements of “Fall In”.

Blood Orange – “Uncle Ace" (Kindness Remix feat Robert Owens)

Adam Bainbridge (aka Kindness) takes us on a tour of Devonté Hynes’ childhood manor of Ilford, interspersed with an interview between Hynes and featured vocalist Robert Owens about their formative environments. A subtle, warm portrait of both artists and a regular, old suburban town.

Trust – “Capitol”

This fluoro video for “Capitol” recasts the Canadian's synth-pop track as a private rave on the fringes of outer-space. Robert Alfons seems as entranced by the music as he is his beautiful captive; singing to her amidst the stars.

Petite Meller – “Ice Bear" (feat Joe Fleisch)

The impossibly coquettish Petite Meller rejoins visual collaborator A.T. Mann to draw this cover of cult German band Grauzone’s “Eis Bear”, featuring Yiddish pop star Joe Flesich in her quixotic, fantasy realm. The barely-mobile characters await the Northern Lights in a Tarkovsky-referencing frozen dreamland, with styling and choreography as impeccable as in their previous collaboration for Petite’s summer single, “Backpack”.