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Sensitive tracks of the month

An homage to #ThisCouldBeUs (But You Playin') feat. the romantic, hushed beats of DJ Milktray and sensi-teen Spooky Black

Mapei – “Don’t Wait” 

Directed by Dori Oskowitz, the long awaited music video for Mapei’s single “Don’t Wait” is finally here. The beginning reminiscences the visuals in Future Islands’ “Balance” where two young lovers are walking down a highway but this Stockholm singer eventually ends at a house party with her significant others. Watch this heartwarming video as it takes you on their travels to get there.

SPOOKY BLACK – “without you” (Prod. GREAF)

Turtlenecks, gold chains, durags, sedated beats, and the most genuine R&B croons are what makes SPOOKY BLACK, the 16 year old artist from St Paul. His last video was for “Without You”, a track produced by GREAF and it’s an unexpected stunning piece of sweet angelic vocals, melodies and expressions of yearning. Make sure to get a copy of SPOOKY BLACK’s mixtape titled #BLACKSILK out now

DJ Milktray – “Eastern Delight”

Glasgow’s DJ Milktray returns with “Eastern Delight”, a track that starts with a delicate sample beautifully looped and flowing through each carefully selected sirenic beat-- a taste of irresistible confection. This song is on the quiet side of Milktray’s catalog but keep Milktray on your radar because his soundcloud is a hidden treat.

Kali Uchis – “On Edge” Feat. Snoop Dogg

A couple months ago, Snoop Dogg told us at Dazed that the Virginia based songstress, Kali Uchis is someone we should all be keeping an eye for and now there’s a collaboration from the both of them. Since Snoop Dogg is involved, there is the given OG production that Kali is singing on top of, welcoming closeness and intimacy while asking “why are you so on edge?”.

Donae’O Feat. Carnao Beats - “Gone In The Morning” (DJ Q UKG Remix) 

Following one of UK’s favorite garage producers debut album release, DJ Q will also be appearing on Donae’O featuring Carnao BeatsGone In The Morning Remixes EP scheduled on May 4th. His UKG remix for “Gone In The Morning” is a smooth edit of the banger with sexy dub and bass shuffles taking you to the after hours of the club.

The Acid – “Creeper”

A bit on the darker side, “Creeper” from The Acid expresses those unhealthy obsessive addictions to someone in a minimal beat with intimate, spine chilling vocals that sound as if the lead singer is following your every move, breathing heavily on your right shoulder. It’s kind of uncomfortable at first listen but once understanding the track, you will want more.

Tinashe – “2 On” Ft. Schoolboy Q

On March 24th, RCA Records finally gave us the music video for young R&B goddess Tinashe’s “2 On” featuring Schoolboy Q. From meeting up with her girlfriends at the studio to getting faded with the rest of her crew, this song is a party that everyone wants guestlist for. A huge feeling of missing out during the birthday cake throwing scene.

A$AP Ferg – “Petit Valley”

Just when you feel like it’s an endless Winter and the Spring showers are keeping everyone turned down, A$AP Ferg is here to the rescue! He recently released a track with radiant dancehall clap along, dance along structures keeping your serotonin at a high-- sort of like an escape to the beautiful ladies in Petit Valley, Trinidad.

LAFAWNDAH – “Butter”

From Tehran to Paris to finally landing in New York, LAFAWNDAH is a newcomer that’s self-releasing a quixotic dance EP on May 6th. In this second teaser, “Butter”, the production sets in as if preparing the smoke machine with a mind boggling bass before LAFAWNDAH’s voice seduces every bone in your body.

Doja Cat – “So High”

“So High” came out last year on LA hip hop princess, Doja Cat’s soundcloud but the visuals were just premiered on VIBE a couple of weeks ago. As we get mesmerized by her charismatic repetition of “I know you ain’t a drug but you get me so high”, we can now watch the exotic Doja Cat sit in her flower throne, alluring us with her hypnotic arm movements and really reflect on how #ThisCouldBeUs.