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That doge in a taco is definitely looking at mePaz

An LA producer has hidden his own music in 5,000 Bieber CDs

A prankster musician called Paz has smuggled doge-printed CDs of his own music into every Justin Bieber album in Los Angeles

An underground, EDM-influenced pop musician (are there many of them out there?) has found an ingenious way to get people to listen to his record: pretend it's actually Justin Bieber's latest release. The producer, who goes by the name of Paz, has planted 5,000 copies of his new album From the Bottom of My Heart to the Top of Your Lungs inside CD cases that looks exactly like Bieber's new album, Believe.

"To make sure they stay on shelves, each handcrafted album has been meticulously disguised to look exactly like Justin Bieber's record Believe," Paz says on his Facebook page. That means Paz didn't just slip a few copies inside Justin Bieber albums – he actually painstakingly created 5,000 totally identical new albums, with the crucial difference being that it's his record inside. The CD is printed with cats, pizza slices and a doge in a taco, because why the hell not. 

According to Paz, the stunt (which is probably slash definitely illegal) is a reaction to the reluctance of high street retailers to stock independent music.

"Retail stores could be the most powerful outlets for the spread of independent art, but instead they've saturated themselves with commercially filtered noise," he says. "So we turned stores like Best Buy and Walmart into artistic canvases by droplifting our art directly into the hands of consumers. If retailers make it impossible for unsigned artists to get into big box stores, we'll just force our way in."

If you want our opinion, Paz's actual music isn't really a million miles away from Biebs. You know, autotune, preset synths, BIG DROPS. I mean he isn't sneaking Genesis P-Orridge into Walmart. But whatever, we're glad he did it.

This isn't the first time that Paz has found notoriety by messing with celebrity – in 2011 he stole Paris Hilton's three–tier birthday cake from her party and donated it to a homeless shelter. Just like a modern Robin Hood with one eye on a music career.