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Shamir – If It Wasn't True

Exclusive: The Las Vegas artist shares a tripped-out homemade video for his plushy nu-disco track

Williamsburg label Godmode specialises in cassettes, vinyl and photobooks for NY up-and-comers like noise-punks Yvette. Now the grassroots imprint reveals a glitchy video for “If It Wasn’t True”, further cementing the prodigy status of 19-year-old Las Vegas singer Shamir Bailey. Shot by Shamir with Anthony Sylvester editing, the clip treats cute hometapes with goofy fisheye and chop-up effects that suit the song’s bedroom-disco stylings to a T. It’s a freeform assortment of twerking headstands, foam-beard fun and Las Vegas neon, all intercut with fabulous house party hijinks that echo ’80s Manhattan loft culture. Appropriately, the music itself follows the lineage of NYC disco and DFA – all semidissonant pulses tickled by antsy snares and hi-hats – as Shamir’s sinuous vocal vogues down memory lane. “Love Me?!” reads the teen’s Twitter bio. He didn’t need to ask.

"If It Wasn't True" is out now on the Godmode compilation COMMON INTERESTS WERE NOT ENOUGH TO KEEP US TOGETHER