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The best (and weirdest) musician cameos on television

Lady Gaga's Simpsons cameo has been ranked the worst episode ever. Here are some music stars who did better

Despite a well-received cameo on Gossip Girl, it seems Lady Gaga's TV career has suffered a major setback: namely, her Simpsons episode has been ranked as the least popular episode among fans of the show.

According to a graph plotting the IMDB scores of every single Simpsons episode, the "Lisa Goes Gaga" episode has the lowest average score among fans. Out of 10, it ranks a measly 4.9. Not surprising, really, as the entire episode was described by one reviewer as a "a half-hour commercial for Lady Gaga" – starring Gaga as herself, it documented Gaga's visit to Springfield to teach its residents the true meaning of happiness. 

But Gaga shouldn't take the criticism to heart: the history of TV is littered with out-there appearances, musical performances and terrible acting attempts from stars young and old (Prince, we're looking at you). From Ashanti as a leopard demon to Destiny's Child as secret agents, here are the weirdest and wildest.   

Fiona Apple on H-Man

There is absolutely no reason why Fiona Apple would ever appear on a French superhero TV show, but appear she did. Dressed as a kind of German eco-terrorist, Apple plays BioFrau, a super-villain who uses her voice to control plants and later turns into a giant evil sunflower. You know, she makes the Patty Hearst look work for her. 

Sonic Youth, Cypress Hill and The Smashing Pumpkins on The Simpsons

You could devote an entire article to every musical guest who's appeared on The Simpsons (including Michael Jackson), but the "Homerpalooza" episode crammed in more than most: Sonic Youth, Cypress Hill and The Smashing Pumpkins all appeared in this Season 7 gem, which saw Homer embark on an ill-advised trip to a music festival. Sonic Youth covered the Simpsons theme for the end credits, but Cypress Hill wins it for B-Real's line: "Before we start, we have a lost child here. If she's not claimed within the next hour, she will become property of Blockbuster Entertainment."

Destiny's Child on The Famous Jett Jackson

The undisputed pinnacle of Disney Channel musical cameos. Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle not only performed "So Good" in gold lame bikinis, but there was also a fight scene set to "Bug A Boo". Also, Destiny's Child are also secret angents on a nuclear weapons mission.

Radiohead on South Park

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone consider this episode, "Scott Tenorman Must Die", one of their finest. In the episode, Cartman devises a plan to humiliate an eighth-grader called Scott – first by killing Scott's parents, feeding it to Scott at a chilli cook-off, and then making sure Radiohead are around to make fun of him when he cries after finding out what's happened to mum and dad. Evil and genius.

Stevie Nicks in American Horror Story

The country singer opened the show finale, without any context whatsoever, with this 80s-style music video set to "Seven Wonders" off Fleetwood Mac's 1987 album Tango in the Night. For people who didn't watch this gloriously campy horror show: basically, all you need to know is that in the AHS universe, Stevie Nicks is actually an incredibly powerful witch. Which makes total sense, right? 

Solange on Yo Gabba Gabba

This American show, which is basically children's TV on acid, has racked up countless music cameos over the years including The Roots, Chromeo, Of Montreal and, er, Mya. In 2010, a pre-True and pre-afro Solange Knowles appeared on an episode with a special track called "Momma Loves Baby", which basically sounds exactly like a Solange track if it was written by a four-year-old. 

Britney Spears on Sabrina the Teenage Witch 

What would you do if you had magical powers? Obviously, you would use your sorcery to transport Britney Spears into your living room for a private rendition of "(You Drive Me) Crazy". And then you would make her teach you all the dance moves. Obviously. 

Ashanti on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Probably the first and only R&B singer to guest star as an evil leopard demon. The Murder Inc star played Lissa, a shapeshifter who attempts to ritually sacrifice Xander after their coffee date at the Expresso Pump. 

David Bowie on Extras

If you ever wanted to shame someone you know, you could do worse than getting David Bowie to improvise a song to publicly humiliate them. With lyrics like "See his pug-nosed face (pug, pug, pug, pug)" and "Depressed at being hated / Fatso takes his own life". 

Iggy Pop on The Adventures of Pete and Pete

Remember when Iggy Pop starred as Dawn from Buffy's dad on a Nickelodeon show? No? The Stooges singer starred in five (!!) episodes as a terminally embarrassing dad to Nona, played by a very young Michelle Trachtenberg.