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Dutch E Germ IN.RAK.DUST Artwork By Chino Amobi
Dutch E Germ – IN.RAK.DUSTArtwork by Chino Amobi

Stream Dutch E Germ's awesome IN.RAK.DUST

Listen to Gang Gang Dance founder, HBA collaborator and shooting victim Tim DeWit's triumphant debut mixtape here

Tim DeWit has led a few lives in one. 

Starting out drumming hardcore punk in mid-90s Washington DC, he moved with his band Gang Gang Dance to Brooklyn and released some of underground rock's most awesome statements. With Lizzie Bougatsos and Brian DeGraw, he vitalised the staid DIY / indie scene with total rhythmic radicalism, world musical parity and lots of hallucinogenics and far-out ideas. This culminated in their masterpiece, the DeWit-produced Saint Dymphna. This was the last record he worked on: after finishing the album, he was shot in a near-fatal bar robbery in the months preceding the release.

Unable to drum any more, he left the band, eventually making electronic music under the name Dutch E Germ. Loved by the Ghe2o G0th1k and DiS crowds, he's made music for Hood By Air runways, remixed Fatima Al Qadiri, been sampled by Kanye West and even soundtracked the recent dirt bike movie, The 12 O'Clock Boys. Now, he releases his first album-length statement in six years, the extraordinary mixtape IN.RAK.DUST. We're streaming it below, and you can download it on his website. Keep your eyes on Dazed for the full story on this extraordinary creative force.