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Gazelle Twin press image 11 by Esther Springett

Gazelle Twin – Belly of the Beast

Exclusive: The Brighton avant-pop artist explores a scary supermarket in her new surveillance state video

Ever get that feeling you’re being watched? It’s a sensation that experimental Brighton artist Gazelle Twin obviously knows all too well, if her twitchy new video, introducing the lead single of her upcoming album UNFLESH, is anything to go by. “Belly of the Beast” is the producer and singer’s first full-length since her extra-terrestrial 2011 debut album The Entire City, and matches that release in the creep-out stakes while also being a surprisingly addictive tune, really made to get under the skin. Matching supermarket bleeps and blinking surveillance cameras with disquieting carnal imagery and a low-slung, half-whispered crawl, this is a paranoid glance over the shoulder in music video form. It churns away as mechanically as a barcode scanner, but feels as instinctive as breath on the back of your neck.

Directed by Elizabeth & Esther Springett