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Nic Hamilton's Visionary mixes

The Dazed Visionary shares three exclusive mixes inspired by his current film series

For the past fortnight Australian video radical Nic Hamilton has taken us on a whirlwind journey with his Dazed Visionary series. We've been through the Tasmanian wilderness and sampled some of his work as a visual collaborator with Actress and Eddie Peake. Now we're serving up a trio of exclusive mixes presented by Nic from B.A.T, Bandshell and Kane Ilkin to compliment proceedings.

B.A.T Mix

"I get a very similar feeling watching Nic's visuals as I do when I'm doing sonics, something to do with being immersed in a otherworldly and concrete/hands-on experience".

Kane Ikin's Outsider Mix

"The mix is a response to the skewed objects and spaces in Nic's work – recognisable, warped, recontextualized and repurposed to fit. these are some records played back at the wrong speeds, through noisy equipment, cut around some found samples and sounds"

Bandshell Mix

"The idea behind this mix to respond to Nic's work by presenting a selection of music and sound that demonstrates space and form. There's the abstract shape and space of Hecker, Autechre and Rhythm & Sound, the studio environment of the Stooges' 'Fun House' recording sessions or the New York narratives of Mobb Deep. These sounds are all framed within the space of the computer via indicators layered throughout the mix such as Youtube clips and the sounds of human interaction with the machine.'

Check out Nic's full series for Dazed here.