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Supreme Cuts – Honey

Exclusive: Chicago's finest twist an all-girl cast into bassy, fluttering new directions, feat Tinashe, Sade... and Cher

On their second album Divine Ecstacy, electronic duo Supreme Cuts contort R&B into new textures with their blend of electronic, footwork and bass, and now the duo launch a new ladies-only mix on Dazed in celebration of our Girls Rule series. It's a tracklist to dip, bop, and shuffle to, veering from new-school R&B such as Tinashe and Tink to Madonna's 1998 Eastern trip-hop deep cut "Shanti / Ashtangi" and a piched-down acapella version of Cher's "Believe". But that isn't even the oddest thing here – skip to 16:35 for mysterious Russian juke artist 6 day of August's trap take on traditional chanson. It might not make much sense, but it feels ecstatic indeed.


Janet Jackson – "Together Again"
INOJ – "Time After Time"
Nelly Furtado – "Nite Is Young" (Ms. Terry Version)
Tinashe - "1 For Me"
Madonna - "Shanti / Ashtangi"
6 Day of August – "Vinovata Li Ya" (feat Nadezhda Kadysheva)
Gangsta Boo – "I Thought U Knew" (feat Crunchy Black)
Sade – "Cherish The Day"
Tink – "At Night"
Cher – "Believe" (Acapella) // "Tila Speaks"
Mariah Carey – "Honey" (Supreme Cuts Edit)

Supreme Cuts play a free show at Old Blue Last, London, on Feb 20.