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CHVRCHES – Recover (Kingdom remix)

Exclusive: The Glasgow trio punch with precision in the NYC-based producer's skeletal, unpredictable new rework

Glasgow trio Chvrches created a solid set of soaring pop anti-anthems with their debut album The Bones of What You Believe last year, and now, to precede the release of their Recover EP on March 10, the band share a relatively minimal rework of the title track from Fade To Mind label head Kingdom. He gives the original a firm sandpapering, stripping synth ramps for a sunken track of pillowy puffs, New Jack finger-clicks and dark donks, like a Livin Joy beat stripped to its skeleton. Production quirks loosely pepper the track – is that a telephone dial tone? – and where the original glides the remix crunches. The result is that Chvrches hit harder than ever before.