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Holly Herndon unveils spy programme

Debuting the San Fran laptop musician's art project: a rad 3D scan from Akihiko Taniguchi

'Sometimes it feels that media technology has become such a feature of everyday life that the Internet isn't just a screen  but a scenery in itself,' says Akihiko Taniguchi discussing his video to sound artist Holly Herndon's new single, 'Chorus'. 

Like Herndon’s track, these images are a pulsating mix of natural and synthetic textures. Taken from the desktops of Ahkiko's acquaintance's workspaces and home computers, they gve an intimate, 3D exploration of what is, kind of, the surface of the internet. Featuring real-life scenes that Taniguchi rendered and warped using 3D modelling software, he created them from stills for his video to Herndon’s latest offering – you can see the video here and take a look at some of the astounding creations below. They take a few seconds to load, but they're worth it – see the rest here.

‘The concept for this material comes from my interest in everyday settings,’ says Taniguchi. ‘They don’t seem special, but there is a lot of information lying dormant in them that I can see through 3D data used to make the video. And it struck me that our computer screens are like unconscious optical beings, so I used this idea to imagine what they’d see through these images.’ 

Based in Japan, Taniguchi was contacted by Herndon - who lives in San Francisco - via email while looking for a VJ. We've only met on Skype,' he says. For Herndon, this approach has been key. 'Chorus was inspired by the extreme intimacy that I have with my laptop in light of the NSA spying revelations,' she says. 'After that I even started monitoring my own usage.'

Currently working on the follow up to her 2012 debut album 'Movement' she's excited about completing it. 'It's almost done!' She says. 'I'm working really hard to get it finished. But I'm also teaching at Sanford and working on a commission with a choir, so life can be a bit of juggling act at times!’