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Artwork for Actress's GhettovilleNic Hamilton

Ghettoville FM

Tune into the music that inspired the album, compiled by Actress into an exclusive playlist

All today, we're celebrating London producer Actress's jaw-dropping new album, Ghettoville. Possibly his last release, it's a dark trip to a dystopian city, so we asked him to curate content to take you on a day trip to Ghettoville. His favourite writer, Mark "kpunk" Fisher, offers his thoughts on the album, and we interview early inspiration Adamski, premiere the awesome video for "Street Corp." and catch up with the artists who drew Ghettoville. Here, he gives us the tunes that inspired the album.

If you’ve ever wondered the sounds playing inside Actress's Ghettoville, then wonder no more, as he’s created a list of the tunes playing on Ghettoville FM.

A rare insight into some of his eclectic tastes, its more of a sonic palette than an itinerary of influences that helped inspire his mysterious fourth and last record under the Actress moniker. Nonetheless, it’s revealing. Featuring contemporary avant-garde sound artists Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland as well as older pioneers like Cabaret Voltaire and upcoming broken-house name Delroy Edwards from LA, it’s a snapshot of electronic music’s past, present and future.

HTRK - "Give It Up"

Huerco S - "Prinzif"

Dean Blunt & Inga Copeland - "10"


Clarence G - "Cause I said it right"

Cabaret Voltaire - "Seconds too late"

Spider - "Netta (Simbiosi Remix)"

Zomby - "How to Ascend"

Actress - "Shadow from Tartarus"

Kowton - "Bisous"

DJ Rashad - "I Don't Give a Fuck"

Banshee - "Hurt"

Mass Prod & Herva - "Rainstorm Consequence"

Prostitutes - "Kisses Undelivered"

Street Walker - "Future Fusion"

Delroy Edwards - "Untitled 1"

MGUN - "The Race"