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Dai Burger

Feels of the month

All-girl special with Dai Burger, Holly Herndon and a rave mix of Chippy Nonstop's “Alone"

Holly Herndon – "Chorus"

San Francisco-based laptop pioneer Holly Herndon recently released an incredible six-minute video that toys with every sense of the internet and abstract feelings. In “Chorus”, you travel through dimensions of personal space, manipulated inflections and bass. A lot of throbbing bass.

Dai Burger – "In Ya Mouf"

Earlier this month, New York’s finest, Dai Burger, gave us her mixtape, In Ya Mouf. In the video below, she is dressed in a burger minidress with french fries on her clutch, teasing your hunger and thirst. For seconds, listen to the entire tape over at Complex.

Jubilee – "Pull Ova"

Young producer Jubilee aka Jessica Gentiles incorporates her two club cultures (Miami and Brooklyn) in Pull Ova, an EP on Mixpak out this week. “Pull Ova” itself features samples of a female voice that acclimate to the bass and siren selections. “It’s something very non sensi but to me, it’s sensi,”  Gentiles told us in a Twitter direct message romance.

Katy B – "Crying For No Reason" (Morri$ Remix)

The UK’s favourite underground goddess, Katy B, released the single "Crying for No Reason" (off Little Red) via Rinse/Columbia on January 26. Before that, a few producers remixed the track, including this delightful edit from Morri$, one of our ones to watch for 2014. Morri$ pitched her dynamic vocals, focusing the track on Katy’s feelings of repentance. Pay attention to the steel drums that Morris added – an extra touch of sensi.

Chippy Nonstop – "Alone (Depressed Teenager Remix)"

To be honest, I didn’t think Chippy Nonstop had feelings until I heard this song. “Alone” is probably one of Nonstop’s most sensitive tracks; with Depressed Teenager's remix, the sound channels you into a fantasy rave where, just as a ball of glitter explodes, you find clarity and the love of your life.

Tamara Saul x New Mantra – "Fading Out"

Producer New Mantra worked with Croatian R&B singer Tamara Saul on “Fading Out”, a song that lingers deep in your soul. As warm nostalgic pulses rush in, Saul's emotive confession flourishes, comforting all those unvocalised insecurities that you didn’t even know you had.

YG – "My Nigga Remix" (Feat. Lil Wayne, Meek Mill, Rich HomieQuan & Nicki Minaj) 

Hip hop queen bee Nicki Minaj jumped on an official remix for YG’s “My Nigga” and while the song is filled with testosterone, her verse is everything needed to balance that. Replacing “nigga” with “bitches”, Minaj brags and gives a shoutout to her main and “side bitches”. #girlpower

Alison Valentine – "Curious"

Alison Valentine soundtracks the fluttering butterflies and anxiety after meeting someone special in “Curious”. A soft introduction climaxes into to an energetic, dance-pop ballad. You can now karaoke, whistle, cla, and dance those nervous stomach vibrations away.

George Maple x Slime – "Began To Say"

George Maple returns to “Feels of the Month” with another sentimental track that drips intimacy. Maple has teamed up with Slime for “Began to Say”, giving it a smooth production that carries her gentle, hushed voice around the room. It’s one of those song to listen to in your own solitude over a glass of wine or five.

Childbirth – "I Only Fucked You As A Joke"

Help Yourself Records put out Childbirth’s debut tape this month. The song “I Only Fucked You As A Joke” quickly became a girly punk anthem. Two minutes of sassy delivery from the girls, it's  a perfect match for those frantic post-one-night-stand thoughts. There are so many feelings here because we’ve all been there, done that.