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Francis Lung

Francis Lung – A Selfish Man

Exclusive: The former Wu Lyf member launches his turbulent, bold first official single

After the short-lived, prolific "heavy pop" outfit Wu Lyf disbanded in November 2012, its members have been working with the urgency you'd expect. Last year, former frontman Ellery James Roberts self-released the epic, hubristic "Kerou's Lament", while drummer Joe Manning, guitarist Evans Kati and bassist Tom McClung formed the bright guitar-pop outfit Los Porcos. Now, McClung launches his first official release as Francis Lung, who we named as one of our tips for 2014 on the back of his early demos. "A Selfish Man" burns with a sharper melody than those, yet bristles with discontent as it seems to address Wu Lyf's tumultuous band dynamics with the lyrics "when everything becomes too much/ you have to leave/ abandoning was not the plan/ but I don't wanna know you/ or wanna understand/ I can let you go/ cause I'm a selfish man". At the time, McLung never spoke out about the band's breakup – it's clear he was honing and refining his response.

A Selfish Man 7" is out on Jan 16 on Atelier Ciseaux b/w “Tsunami Blues (Cause of Me)”