Planningtorock – Human Drama

Exclusive: The Berlin-based artist's fluid, flaming video for her queer disco hymn

In the artwork of All Love’s Legal, the forthcoming third album from Planningtorock (aka Jam Roston), the artist appears in lurid, distorted colours. These are injected as flaming Rorscach-like effects into the video for its first single, “Human Drama", which Roston created herself and is premiered today on Dazed. Ever-morphing liquid colours accompany the after-dark dance beat, with Roston and rRoxymore (a signee to Roston's Human Level Recordings) framed by unisex bowl haircuts, as Roston's pitched-down voice seems to intone from a gender-nonspecific place. By highlighting her message in fluctuating technicolour shades, Rostron visually underscores the fluidity of gender assignations and sexual identities – it's a statement of intent that's as inviting as it is disruptive.

Director: P2R

DOP: Imogen Heath

Second Camera: Alexa Vachon 

Featuring: rRoxymore 

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