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Evian Christ

Top ten feels of the month

Little Pain's sad rap, Evian Christ's newest emotional manipulator and a pitched verse of Brandy

Fatima – ”Black Dough” (Prod. fLako)

On December 2, Eglo Records released Fatima’s Family/La Neta single which includes the B-side “Black Dough”. fLako’s experimentally spontaneous production compliments Fatima’s soulful renditions; sprawling underneath and accentuating her melodies of worldly struggles.

Nitemoves – "Polypel"

Nitemoves is the solo project of Rory O’Connor when he isn’t busy on tour drumming for Tycho and Com Truise. “Polypel” is the first track from his record Themes via Moogadget Records. Listen carefully for the melody of wistful bells and 80s synths layered with drum and bass.

Gladkill – “What Goes On”

Siberian California resident Boris Gladkill has been giving away his EP for free on Bandcamp – something to take advantage of. With twisted beats, it's an instant Top 2013 gem that features “What Goes On”, a five minute effervescent dance track that includes chopped and pitched verses from Brandy.

Evian Christ – “Salt Carousel”

Tri Angle’s super producer Evian Christ finally unleashed a new track after working with Kanye on Yeezus. “Salt Carousel” is a massive explosion of manipulated synths where, after the first minute, there is a teasing moment of clarity, before the track flips back to an adrenaline punch. It plays with your senses in a pretty intimidating yet thrilling way – you'd be forgiven for screaming 'Jesus Evian Christ!'

Jerome LOL – “Always” (feat. Sara Z)

Remember LOL Boys, and how their song “Changes” (feat. Heart Streets) held so much sentimental value two summers ago? Well, half of both groups, Jerome LOL (LOL Boys) and Sara Z (Heart Streets)  recreate those feelings in “Always” with lustful percussion and sensitive yearnings.

Mess Kid – "Looking So Good"

From touring as Le1f’s producer (he produced "Psy Lock") to playing underground warehouse parties deep in Brooklyn, Mess Kid should be soundtracking every celebration. In his latest remix, he loosens Chits’ ambient anthem “Looking So Good” but maintains a grimey bass with a future garage rhythm that makes your body sweat just a little.

Dre Green & The GTW – “Neymar Night”

Chicago’s The GTW has been incorporating music from Nigeria for a while now, and in his collaboration with Dre Green in “Neymar Night” it becomes the sound of nighttime romance. Find yourself daydreaming, as he mixes beautiful organic acoustics of nature with Green’s evocative voice and samples of P.Rico’s “Hang With Me”.

Cable – “Roxanne”

Dev Hynes produced the languid, soulful alt-pop of New York duo Cable’s debut single, “Roxanne” – which now has a compelling video to boot. The band told Billboard “it's basically about being addicted to something that's bad for you – whether it's a person or something else”. Sob.

Jamie xx – “Untitled” (Unreleased)

Although this song is unofficial, unreleased and untitled, you know it’s touched by Jamie xx when you hear his signature melancholic steel drums. Progressing from a slow start, this track bounces along with its fragments of vocals and takes you into a place of warm nostalgia.

Little Pain – “Broke Boyz Freestyle”

Rounding off the list is Brooklyn’s sad boy rapper Little Pain, who just put out the music video for “Broke Boyz Freestyle”. It's two minutes of him and his crew at a local fried chicken takeout rapping about being “sad as hell”. This was purposely saved as the last song of this month’s top ten feels because Little Pain keeps it the realest and sensi-est in all of New York.