Eyedress – Nature Trips

Exclusive: The kaleidoscopic pop artist takes a nightmarish journey through Manila

From its opening frame, “Nature Trips” exudes menace. Has anything innocent ever followed the phrase, “No-one else needs to know about this”? For his debut video, Filipino artist Eyedress (aka Idris Vicuña), who produced Le1f's recent "Star Me", takes us on a debauched nightcrawl through red-lit Manila, following a skull mask-wearing antihero in a pentagram hoodie. As he wanders through clubs to urinals to bathroom stoner sessions with dark purpose, the visuals bring to mind the kaleidoscopic voyeurism of Chromatics’ “Lady” (dir Alberto Rossini), while the arpeggiated synth patterns evoke a Johnny Jewel-ish glisten. Directed by Julius Valledor (a bandmate from his Bee Eyes side-project) and edited by Idris Vicuña, it's an intriguing introduction to his hazily evocative songwriting style ahead of his debut EP on Abeano. You feel that magic could be around the corner.