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Leopard of Honour 2012

Leopard Of Honour's Slovenly Last Summer Mix

Exclusive: The unpredictable Mancunian producer's sunshiney tape veering from Lil B and Megadeth to Slava

Leopard of Honour is the latest project of David Roocroft, a Mancunian producer with a west-coast attitude and a taste for the extreme. His latest track “Visions of Garruda”, takes no prisoners: it's a polymorphing, fully funk’d up jam with a strictly poolside sound pallette. And while he has little internet presence, Roocroft's new mixtape tells us more about the man than a Facebook bio ever could, as it moves through hip hop, metal, to the Korean pop of Dazed favourite Neon Bunny. The result is a chopped up, party-friendly yet beautiful collage. We can feel the sunshine breaking through the autumnal canopy at this very moment.