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Tape of the week: Yearning Kru remixes

Exclusively stream the awesomely named producer's straight-to-tape 12-hour improvisations

Its impossible to have too much of a good thing—especially when supplied by a musical artist as uniquely talented as Yearning Kru. His ‘Cracked Lacquer/Vanadium remixes’ is an aural-warping five-track compilation from his recent two-part release on Kaleidoscope.

In itself, Cracked Lacquer/Vanadium is a maze-like two-part album compiled from over 12 hours of freeform improvisations. Hand-selected by the Croyden-born Taiwan-residing artist himself, the collection includes a refreshing second look at Brood Ma, Recsund, swivelized sounds, Ornine, and Felicita bending KCC005's flickering sonics. Produced from a combination of ambient recordings, YouTube rips, and dance sample packs, the results provide a startlingly percussive, primitive, yet futuristic sound-collision, that sluggishly blurs and bleeds in stop motion.

Not quite like anything you’ve heard before, Yearning Kru’s remixes of the twenty-three unique hand-numbered C30 compact cassettes - produced in a master version and recorded directly on to tape – are available to exclusively stream below.



1. Yearning Kru - Vanadium (Brood Ma’s Oxidation Fix) 9.10

2. Yearning Kru - Cracked Lacquer (recsund NO HOLIDAY MIX) 5.05

3. Yearning Kru - Vanadium (swivelized sounds remix) 5.43

4. Yearning Kru - Cracked Lacquer (Ornine remix) 3.14

5. Yearning Kru – Cracked Lacquer (Felicita-Lipgloss lips @yearning kru) 2.32