Get reprogrammed by The Crystal Ark's anti-fascist system

View Gavin Russom and Viva Ruiz's visual trip to program your thoughts to LOVE exclusively

For one night only Gavin Russom and Viva Ruiz, the duo behind DFA Record's The Crystal Ark, presented their "anti-Fascist/love re-programming" propaganda film and hypnosis soundtrack in conjunction with sculptor Diana Puntar's recent exhibition at Blackston Gallery in the Lower East Side.

The video was created specifically in conversation with Puntar's vivid interpretation of the Orgone Accumulator - an invention created by the Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich that was meant to boost "orgastic potency," an energy based on the ability to orgasm. The accumulator was banned by the FBI and eventually landed Reich in jail until his death in 1957. 

Diana re-envisioned Reich's controversial device, which was originally a minimal steel box insulated with layers of wool, into a slice of postmodern psychedelia equipped with a light-up dancefloor layered with rows of mushrooms surrounded by a reflective metal interior. A soundtrack provided by The Crystal Ark pulsates throughout the box. Viva and Gavin topped off the closing night of Puntar's exhibition with their anti-Fascist debut, which you can watch above