OMG Everywhere Part 2: David Wilson

The Metronomy video director breaks down his creative process exclusively for Dazed

OMG Everywhere is a voluntary youth project running from July 29th to August 4th for 16 lucky kids at the Brady Arts Centre in Shoreditch, where professionals share their knowledge of the music video industry. To celebrate this, we asked two particpants to talk us through their biggest hits. Watch Part 1 with DANIELS directorial duo on Battles' "My Machines" here.

When British filmmaker David Wilson isn't helping out the next generation to hone their directorial skills, as with OMG Everywhere London, he's creating visually ambitious music videos for bands like Metronomy.

In this video for Dazed, Wilson shares a rare insight into the inner workings of his talent, in comparing the finished product of Metronomy's 'The Bay' video with his original storyboard animatics. Turns out, genius is no happy accident: the devil's in the details of Wilson's extensive planning and sketches, which only later turn out as stunningly sexy crops and juxtapositions.

Whether inspired by Busby Berkeley's long-legged choreography, a Dr. Who quote, or an 80s advertisement of the English Riviera, Wilson reveals his careful craft behind the camera for us.

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