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Exclusive Stream: Sounds of a Soft-ly Mexican Summer

Tune in and chill out to Mexican Summer / Software's new summer sampler

Mexican Summer record label—best known for its hands-on sensibility and ornately packaged limited-edition vinyl—teams up with their Brooklyn-based imprint Software Label helmed by Oneohtri Point Never to provide Dazed with an exclusive stream of their stylistic sampler, ‘Tight Fog,” which releases today at independent record stores like Rough Trade. Selling for only £2.50 a pop, its basically an ingenious chance for record buyers to glean an insight into the labels’ output at a recession-friendly price.

Spanning early gems by Real Estate and Tamaryn, to more recent releases from Autre Ne Veut and Lace Curtain, the 'Tight Fog' compilation is a diverse, but oddly cohesive look at their journey so far:

01. While You're Sleeping, I'm Dreaming - Tamaryn

02. Uptown Psychedelia - Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin

03. Lunar Phobia - No Joy

04. Play by Play - Autre Ne Veut

05. Younger Than Yesterday - Real Estate

06. Death Rock - Travis Bretzer

07. Falling (II) - Lace Curtain

08. Zones Without People - Oneohtrix Point Never

09. Melter's Delight - Co La

10. Sour/Sweet - Lilacs & Champagne

11. Surf’n'Turf - Bi

12. Cowboys in the Void - Quilt

13. Fistful of Butter - Happy Jawbone Family Band

14. The Line - Mood Rings