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Dazed August 2013 Playlist

This month we go '93 Til Infinity with young talents from Chance The Rapper, Kitty, Bishop Nehru + loads more

This month we found ourselves asking ‘where were you in 92?’ Or rather 93, as our August Issue celebrating 20-year-old talents from around the globe kicked off with cover star Chance The Rapper, plus 20 other extraordinarily creative young ‘uns. Back in 1993, I’d like to say I was popping pills in the back of an XR2 but was more likely aged-4 in a frilly dress and matching socks which explains my social anxiety problems today. Alongside the latest tracks from the talents in the mag such as Howes, Dominic Lord and Marika Hackman, we’ve also packed in some selections from PAN Records, Hippos in Tanks, RVNG Intl - and token K-Pop from 4MINUTE and a terrifying edit of 'Call Me Maybe'. Avin’ it large.

Artwork by Rebecca Hopkins