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LX Sweat - City of Sweat

An exclusive full stream of the gloriously indulgent new album on Not Not Fun

German producer LX Sweat returns to the cult Not Not Fun label with a debut album as a melting amalgamation of 'voidist club fantasia', the sound of Codeined lust, luxury hallucinations and long blurry nights. Following last year’s “Sweat Sweat Sweat” cassette, his new LP depicts the hazy lights of a strip club, creating a mesmerizing Twilight Zone atmosphere of illegal business and sizzurp. Inspired by Memphis Underground Tapes and 80s/contemporary R&B to heavily-pitched down house, the album entitled 'City of Sweat 'is the result of his aim to deconstruct the functionality of dance music, whilst analysing R Kelly lyrics and Aaliyah videos... "I'm a R&B-music listener. I don't think this music is low-culture or something sleazy. I listen to R&B like I listen to Scott Walker."

"City of Sweat is a direct, expressive album which I simply needed to do. Of course, I had conceptual thoughts and several interests during the album process, but the result is nothing forced or brainy. In the end I brought together all these different influences because they fit together and have a similar vibe. At the same time I don't want to hide behind references. My music is not reducible to a formula constructed by language. Reflecting your work and concepts is necessary, but at a certain point of differentiation, things get so random and subjective anyway. So for now, I prefer the direct way."

City Of Sweat is out July 9th on Not Not Fun