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Jamie Isaac - I Will Be Cold Soon

The harsh tones and soft words of 18-year-old King Krule collaborator Jamie Isaac's first EP

With a sound drenched with the delicate textures of his electronic production, 18-year-old beat-maker Jamie Isaac is releasing his debut EP. Issac’s musical alliances were first formed in the classroom with fellow south London vocalist King Krule. The choral tones of his choirboy past still resonate, as Issac draws influence from the laid-back rhythms of Mount Kimble and the hip-hop beats of Dilla. For Issac, music “becomes something you can totally lose yourself within" and this entirely absorbed outlook on generating sound is evident within his carefully manipulated rhythms. Coated in jazz instrumentals, Issac's sound provides the minimalist soundtrack to the shifting streets of London. Lose yourself in both the video for ‘Softly Draining Seas’ and the EP stream, premiering here exclusively for Dazed Digital.