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CFCF Mixtape

The Canadian synthsmith makes us an influences mixtape brimming with shimmering, utopian ambience

Part-man, part-chameleon, there’s a lot to be said about the dreamy patchworks of glossy, ambient rhythms that make up CFCF’s most recent sound. Born Michael Silver, Montreal’s latest electronic export is a metamorphic pioneer of the music world, having moved from the funk-tinged, bassier clatters of his greener days on ‘Invitation to Love’ to the well-rounded, airy delights of “Music For Objects.” Creating a polished wonderland of shimmering brass loops, flecked with splashes of atmospheric percussion, he produces a unique take on world-inspired synth-pop and seeks to express the inexpressible through a generous dose of Cinematic Orchestra-inspired echoes. His influences mixtape is made exclusively for Dazed, exhibiting some of the sounds that helped create 'Music For Objects'.

"This mix is meant as sort of a moodboard of some influences that went into 'Music for Objects'. The mix opens with a piece by Elmer Bernstein which was composed for a film by Charles & Ray Eames, whose concepts of design and 'object integrity' greatly inspired the EP. Along with the music from the Wenders/Yohji doc 'Notebook on Cities and Clothes' by Laurent Petitgand, I was inspired by the albums 'Music for Commercials' by Japanese saxophonist and composer Yasuaki Shimizu and 'WORKS 1' - CM by Ryuichi SakamotoBoth records consist of short vignettes; strange, often pretty music whose original use was to sell products. Objections of consumerism and commercialism aside, there is something unusual and thrilling about the idea of trying to compose to an object for sale without sacrificing integrity. Similarly you will find works by Yukihiro Takahashi and Michael Nyman which were each composed for Yohji Yamamoto shows, as well as some excursions by Jon Hassell, Japan and the Art of Noise for good measure. Please enjoy with any of the following: a cup of coffee, a clean shirt, a yo-yo, a piece of tea cake!" - CFCF

His latest EP ‘Music for Objects’ is out on July 8th via Dummy records and can be heard here.