Childhood - Solemn Skies

An exclusive new video with the mischievous London boyband caught on softly focused film

Sounding like an ethereal escape to the days of youthful recklessness, Ben, Leo, Daniel and Jonny, aka Childhood, are a carefree foursome aptly self-dubbed as “a hot boy band from London, making tunes and making moves.” Their third single ‘Solemn Skies’ springs out of the murky streets of the city, drenching listeners in sunny, reverb-rock that seems far more at home amongst green pastures and sun-doused woodlands. The treble-heavy tone has mystic powers to transport an audience to a surreal netherworld and the track comes with a softly charming, sepia-tinged new video directed by Tabitha Denholm, (Haim and Florence and The Machine). On shoot during the recording of Denholm’s enchanting video, photographer Laura Coulson captures their blithe playfulness in a series of exclusive images for Dazed.