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Josey Rebelle - photo by Tom Spellman - January 20

Late at Tate: Chronology Top Ten

As Fabric takes over the Tate, RInse FM's Josey Rebelle picks her era-defining tracks

If the thought of Tate Britain re-hanging their entire collection in chronological order has left you feeling somewhat drained, you will be pleased to hear that Fabric are moving London’s largest party to the 100-year old gallery tonight as part of the Late At Tate Britain series.

In celebration of Tate Britain’s new look, Late At Tate Britain: Chronological unites Fabric and students from the University of the Arts, as they bring together some of the most exciting talents in music, art and fashion for one night only. Tackling the expansive theme of Chronology, tonight’s event features futuristic DJ sets from Craig Richards, Mo Tomaney’s SUPERSWISH clothes swap, time travelling projections and much more.

Besides a a specially-created live set from Lee Gamble, Rinse FM’s Josey Rebelle will be joining Alexander Nut for a chronological-friendly set, spanning through the decades from the 60s to the present day at the Tate Modern tonight. Here, she chose her top ten tracks for an idea of what's to come...


Louisa Mark – Six Sixth Street (1978)
My eldest sister used to rave to these lovers rock classics back in the day – a magical genre that stirs up feelings of love, lust and pure heartache. This shit is DEEP you know. 

Extra Ts – E.T. Boogie (1982)
My big brother used to take great pleasure in playing terrifying pranks on me and my little sister when we were little, and the day he found out that this track scared the living shit out of us was a very good moment for him.

Shadow – Ah Come Out To Party (1983)
Not to go on all ‘Little House on the Prairie’ out here but I had such a happy childhood. Growing up in a Caribbean family in the 80s meant back-to-back house parties all weekend, every weekend. My parents’ generation knew how to party hard, that shit was not a joke.

Change – Let’s Go Together (1985)
As a kid, I spent a lot of time wishing I was grown up just so I could go out, dance and fall in love to a soundtrack of groups like Change and BB&Q Band and SOS Band. Now I’m a DJ I just play these tunes myself and dance with the mirror and that’s pretty much the closest I’ve got to achieving that goal.

The Black Dog – Virtual (1989)
My brother Lee has been DEEP into house and techno from day one and that’s where my intense love of that music comes from. He also taught he how to mix when I was around 12. Basically, I wouldn’t be here without him. DJing I mean. He didn’t give birth to me or nothing.

Mantronix – Take Your Time (1990)
Bun your 90s boys bands, I had a poster of Kurtis Mantronik on my wall. Next to Bobby Brown, but let’s not talk about that right now.

Satin Storm – Let’s Get Together (1992)
This is kind of a ‘you had to be there’ track – production’s a bit baggy and that, but ahhhhh those magical days of hardcore! You know the score etc etc! I’d just learnt how to mix and was basically GAGGING to be a raver by this point.

Berty B & Dillinja – Lion Heart (1994)
Everyone knows – mainly because I never stop bloody banging on about it – that I was a diehard junglist. I lived and breathed jungle. First in, last out of every dance. I’m gonna stop talking about jungle now, I’m already getting palpitations.

Tuff Jam – Let Me Tell You (1996)
There was this crazy period when I started cheating on jungle/drum’n’bass with garage, and in this crazy period, I MIGHT have cried upon hearing any new Tuff Jam or Todd track, but I can’t confirm that 100% due to having ‘a rep to protect’.

Xosar – Ghosthaus (2012)
Getting a weekly radio show on Rinse FM was a great opportunity to exit the hazy 90s nostalgia timewarp I’d been stuck in for a trillion years. This track is SICK. So much amazing new music out there, and you can definitely feel the influences of my favourite music from the past few decades coming through!

Portrait shot by Tom Spellman