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Giorgio Moroder DJs in New York

Disco legend, Daft Punk's god – and our co-coverstar – plays for RBMA live in New York

In 1989, Giorgio Moroder started a super-car company. Each hand-made vehicle retailed for over $300,000 and after producing only 11,  the company went on indefinite hiatus. 

Now, he has stepped into an even more risky game: DJing. Our Daft-Punk co-interviewee Giorgio Moroder has influenced dance music for decades – from his first disco productions to rap's sample goldmine right down to his current collaboraters Daft Punk – but he has never once taken to the ones-and-twos himself. Until, that is, now.

Last night, as part of the Red Bull Music Academy in New York, the 73-year-old Italian producer played a classic set, including, of course, his very own Donna Summer collaboration I Feel Love. He described his plans to DJ in our June issue, out now:

GM: I’m starting to do a little bit of DJing so I might play it then [or I may] reserve that for [the Random Access Memories] tour ... However, what Skrillex does with Ableton.... It’s like being a little god. It’s not just pushing loops – that’s easy – but to do the effects... He’s a genius. Those effects become one-time pieces, they’re not reproduced. The fact that you can do all this technical stuff now is interesting. But I’m not going to do that as a DJ, because I’m too lazy to learn all the little things. I don’t know how to use anything! Zero! (laughs)

Listen to the mix above, or listen to our mix of GM-blessed tunes below, and if you'd like to ride like Giorgio and have a spare $650,000, Cizeta-Moroder V16Ts are astoundingly still available made-to-order.