MikeQ - Werk'd

A Dazed-produced music video for ballroom's best, live from Matthew Stone's art happening

TextOwen MyersFilm DirectionMatthew Stone

NYC-based producer and ballroom reinvigorator MikeQ presents a new visual today on Dazed Digital, filmed by Matthew Stone at Dazed’s House Ball in February 2013.  Entitled ‘WERK’D’, the video accompanies MikeQ x DJ Sliink’s chopped ballroom-influenced ‘Werk’d It’ (Fade To Mind), which was previously available on MikeQ’s brilliant Fader/MOMA PS1 Warm Up mix.

The track loops the mantra-like invitation – werk! – over a  stuttering beat with footage of London vogue dancers Angelina Hjalmarsson, Hannah Hall, David Wardle and MJ Harper filmed at the event. As they appear against kaleidoscopic backgrounds with flashes of opulent architecture, a pouting lip is shown alongside the fleshy throb of a contracting muscle and lips pursed in ecstasy. It’s a fragment of vogue culture’s heady self-affirmation, as it bristles with the passion and twisted high-octane energy of MikeQ x DJ Sliink’s track.

‘WERK’D’ is directed by Matthew Stone, with styling from Matthew Josephs and editing by Alexandros Pissourios. Hair by Roxanne Attard, make up by Daniel Sallstrom. Thanks to - Nasir Mazhar, Meadham Kirchhoff, Frame Noir, Ella Dror and Astrid Andersen