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Lee Gamble's decay mix

An experimental producer ponders the subject of decay via an exclusive mini-mix

Traversing a more cerebral route through abstract compositions in sound, British producer Lee Gamble on the much-lauded experimental label PAN has arguably been one of few contemporary musicians recognised for successfully combining more formalistic ambient elements with dancefloor-appropriate techno & house-deviated work. His conceptual albums, Diversions 1994-1996 and Dutch Tvashar Plumes presented collections of sonic abstractions and widely-ranging textural explorations, communicating his interest in decay and decomposition. Ahead of DJing at London night Wifey with Randomer this Easter weekend, Gamble's made us an exclusive mixtape of collected sounds on his chosen topic of decay. Here, he delves into his current obsession and lays out the various expressions of the subject at hand:


Decay, could be seen as a process to null, the gradual disintegration of a system or object to a zero state. However, once in a point of evident decay, the object is neither dead nor alive, plus nor minus. Both states are denied, a kind of ‘interstate’ exists ascending and descending simultaneously, literally the breakdown of it’s macro-syntax via micro-modifications. Battered.


Music made with the aid of computers allow musicians to access sound at an infinitesimally minute scale. Both in the audible (physical), and time (mathematical/cerebral), domains. A music that has a shape which is engineerable at it’s zero point - it’s null.

An increase or decrease in catabolic fogging (process)

Rusting, erosion, friction (process)

Zero Crossing Point Edits (process)

If you continually divide a sound object (disintegrate it) and split it, attempt to reach a zero. What becomes of these divisions? The time interval? Planck.

A sounds’ ‘interstate’ becomes an expanding series of grains, which lead us further from ‘sound’ and into a consideration of pure mathematical time. At a new specific point; a re-emergence of form, a bifurcation from sound to theory.


The Death Row educated Pastors. A dark matter bone trumpet. The single frozen neuron. 9% of the human genome is made up of dead viruses. Dead tissue does send signals. A warm assembly of dead space.


Bacteria who’s DNA has been smashed by radiation. Truck loads of busted up Timberland boots. Pitched zero-crossed glissandi.

S = k.log W

During a bout of serious depression, Boltzmann hanged himself using the chord from his summer vacation home’s sash window. The outcome of this physically conclusive act gave rise to the Boltzmann babies. The formula ‘S = k.log W’ once deeply embossed on Boltmann’s tombestone is now flattening imperceptibaly into flat cold marble.

Lee Gamble will be playing a DJ set at Wifey on Friday 30 March: Randomer (Hemlock/Numbers), Robin + Ralph LTF + Badge Attic (Niche N Bump/UTTU/Wifey); 10pm-4am; The Waiting Room, 175 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 0LH. Tickets HERE.