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Please Mr. Boombox: Lady Tigra

80s trip-hop legend The Lady Tigra still loves the Cars That Go Boom.

I miss L’Trimm. When I chat to founding member of now-defunct 80s trip-hop duo L’Trimm, Lady Tigra, or The Lady Tigra if we’re to remember heirs and graces, I’m like a whiny brat. “I miss L’Trimmmmmmmmm,” I nasally squawk, elongating the mmm’s until there is nothing but the sound of a thousand bees humming In my mouth. “Me too baby,” she laughs in her buttery American drawl that filters to her lips with a phonetic “pop”. “I loved that baby too. I loved L’Trimm. But what can I say? Teen-girl, gum-popping, booty-bass couldn't sweep the world back then, it was time to retire.” True, they didn’t have Uffie, Santogold and M.I.A back then, cranking up the ghetto blaster, plugging their Commodore 64s into their 808s.
"We like the cars, the cars that go boooom, we’re Tigra, and Bunny, and we like the boom…"

She cackles again, this time filthy, this one comes from the pit of her - very toned, we may add - stomach. “I still really, really like the boys that go boom. What's not to like? Any busted whip, any ugly boy is so much hotter when the system's got bottom. I love bass,” she booms herself, voice carrying a little base of it’s own. Reciting L’Trimm’s international hit Cars That Go Boom seems to have gotten us off to a good start. Though right now I pretend otherwise - to me my recitation is the height of wit and geniosity - I’m sure she gets it all the time. It’s not like I’m the only one who locked themselves in their upstairs room cranking the dial to 10. “Baby, have you heard the covers? Some of them really suck and some of them are out of this world. It would be awesome if Bunny and I got a cut. What we love is all the Cars That Go Boom videos on Youtube. Sooo cute!”
No chance of a reconciliation though, whilst Lady Tigra lives in LA, Bunny D lives in Indiana with her husband and four kids, she's traded in her mic for a nurses uniform - and not even the sexy kind - and spends her downtime writing children's books. “We still gossip, fight, discuss politics, music, whatever, but we mostly spend our time laughing hysterically.” Not singing? “No, not singing.”
“Anyway,” she squeals, curtailing the focus. “Enough about the past, I’m making new music!”
Oh yeah, Please Mr. Boombox.
Much more party pop than we're used to. “It's an evolution of ‘Tigra of L'Trimm’ and how I feel right now. The world's in a heavy place these days but there's still a lot to celebrate. I'm celebrating change. It's a throw-your-hands-up, summertime barbeque, party album.” Well it’s doing the rounds in the clubs, with Switchblade Kitty tearing up playlists. It’s a bitchy R&B Shep Pettibone-type affair - kinetic energy, shuffling drum n' bass, atmospheric synths. The whole album follows suit, really: squeaky clean R&B Jazz-house production [“Jazz house?” “Yeah, in that 1992 play-with-the-verb sense” “Oh, I get ya”]. And then you get to… a collaboration with Linkin' Park???
“I was just as intrigued by the collaboration when a mutual friend suggested the idea, so I arranged for Mr. Hahn to do my remix. But I figured, he's a successful DJ, which probably means he has a vast and diverse understanding and love of music. I wasn't disappointed! We've never actually met or spoken, but he can now count me among his fans.”
At the bookend of our meeting as she shows she’s still got the moves, and I gently put aside my disbelief at her age, forewarning the market is a different beast these years - now, even more so, it’s sex that sells. Ready to be a sex symbol again? “What do you mean by ‘again’ baby? I never stopped!”
The Lady Tigra’s solo album Please Mr. Boombox is available to download on iTunes now.