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House of Trax mix

The east London DJ duo launch their new record label Trax Couture with a 'club-friendly' clothing line to fit

After re-incarnating their east London night, Rhythm Talk, the DJ duo Fools & Rushmore's latest venture House of Trax thrives as a hotbed for huge American talents, bringing over guests like Zebra Katz, Venus X, MikeQ, Tyree and Fatherhood (Hippos in Tanks) - besides UK support from the Night Slugs crew's Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990, and Jam City. As we hit 2013, the two have come a long way since their humble beginnings with a new label Trax Couture, kicking off with the first vinyl release from Rushmore as a 4-tracker moving from deeper sounds, and acid house vibes to more juke influences. Whilst February sees the launch of their accompanying six-piece clothing collection inspired by Moschino and Iceberg, for their take on 'club couture' and artwork prints.

Ahead of their next night with Slimzee and Mr Charisma, and the likes of DJ Assault and DJ Earl to come later this year, House of Trax have made us a blaring exclusive mix. Turn it up loud:

Dazed Digital: How would you describe the ethos behind Trax Couture?
Trax Couture (Fools & Rushmore): The ethos behind Trax Couture is to hopefully continuing to build on what we've started in the last two years with the parties. We are able to make our ideas come to life and give them a home within which we have total control and freedom. The first extension is the music, and almost hand-in-hand shortly after comes clothing.

DD: Who will your upcoming releases come from?
Fools & Rushmore: Our second release is currently being finalised, but will come from an exciting live act that's currently working the circuit, that's all we can say for now. It may come as a surprise to some people who are used to our tastes though. You can also expect remixes from previous House Of Trax and Rhythm Talk guests alike. There's more in the pipeline from Rushmore, and expect a debut from Fools this year too! A lot planned but we're in no hurry, and looking forward to 2013.

DD: Why did you decide to start a clothing label after House of Trax and what is the aesthetic envisioned for it?
Fools & Rushmore: We didn't ever not think about clothing at some point, so I suppose it's always been an idea, and what better time to start it than now. It's an extension of how we would like people to respond to our parties,  as the way people dress is an integral aspect of going out, of dancing, it always has been, especially throughout the scenes that exist around the music we love. From the ballroom scene in New York to the Grime scene in London via Chicago House & Footwork and Detroit Techno, we take as much inspiration from the Grime MCs in Iceberg & Avirex to the New Dance Show dancers in Missoni and Moschino. And we want our clothes to be a natural accompaniment to the nights and the music, an extension. Through conversation we agreed we would never want it to just be an afterthought, that's why it's happening at a similar time to the record. The aesthetic envisioned for the capsule collection is street wear, club wear, club couture, trax couture. It will be a very tight range compromising of three tees, one shorts suit, pants and an artwork print. We will be working with the intention of releasing seasonal collections and collaborating where we can too.

DD: Who designed the artwork and capsule collection?
Fools & Rushmore: All flyers, logos, vinyl artwork and general branding is discussed mutually, but executed by Fools. Whilst the clothing has been discussed mutually but executed by Rushmore. We both have many ideas for design in general but have plans to work with an excellent London-based menswear label Cottweiller, as well as the very talented Michael Magnan of House Of Ladosha/Fatherhood in NYC.

'3000' by Rushmore from the Trax Couture EP: