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Brenmar x Pinar & Viola – BF/GF

Dazed exclusively premieres Brenmar’s banging new BF/GF track accompanied by Pinar&Viola’s sexxxy 4eva love message service

New York-based producer and DJ Brenmar creates his bassy trademark sound by mixing up house music with R&B and hip hop, clearly drawing on his influences from growing up in Chicago during the 90s – here Dazed premieres his brand new track "BF/GF", with album artwork and a special online love message service, 4eva, from our favourite radical designers-turned-artists, Pinar&Viola.

4va lets you sign up for a virtual girlfriend or/and boyfriend who delivers steamy pics and sexy messages to your inbox, before the relationship runs its inevitable course and degenerates into hurt feelings, plaintive pleas and the final ultimatums. But don’t let that put you off, it’s definitely good while it lasts. Here's what the Amsterdam-based pair say said when we asked:

4eva is a online love message service, where perfect lovers that cater to all tastes, ready to quench anyone's thirst for love and attention are delivered to your mailbox. After the user subscribes to the service, these lovers will send them emails filled with intimate thoughts and private pictures. 

The contemporary world is ready to give mankind whatever it may want. The desire for connection and the quest of a perfect relationship have ended. Ours is but one option in a booming market of robotic partners, one-night stands apps, phone girlfriends and every other wish for proximity anyone might have. The question is, then, are you ready to get what you want? Are you ready to be enthralled by love, adoration and irresistible temptation?