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Neutral Paradise Sound Salon

Ahead of their show at the Neutral Paradise Sound Salon in Peckham, NY-based musician Bryce Hackford and video artist Ivy Meadows exclusively premiere their music video on Dazed

A certain melody falls, colors intense, drops of rain filled with oceans, everything else forgotten. Leave your world, descend Peckham Rye station's steps and open the door onto Neutral Paradise Sound Salon: a cavernous space echoing with Viktor Timofeev’s improvised loops and Bryce Hackford's poly-fi dance rhythms, lit up by video artists Ivy Meadow’s analogue dreams.

Marking the release of publications Topophilia and Topophobia Neutral Paradise Sound Salon’s experiential cave and viewing room bring together performances by Timofeev, Hackford and London based Known Ocean, the current catalogue of New York-based WHIP Records and recent collages by Ian Campbell and Timofeev. Firing emails across the Atlantic we caught up with the two friends and collaborators....

Dazed Digital: How did you both come to work together?
Bryce Hackford:
 We met at Hunter College and began making recordings together shortly after.
Viktor Timofeev: Bryce was the first person to sit me down, put on a record and tell me to just listen for 50 minutes. It wasn't the way I was used to listening music, and kind of blew my mind when it happened. He was also the first person who was into what I was messing around with at home on my bass and synthesizer, these home recordings that I had no idea about how to situate or really talk about.
Bryce Hackford: These past few years living in different countries, we've both gone in distinctly new and different directions but the conversations continue to grow.  

DD: What kind of music makes you guys lose it?
Bryce Hackford:
I respond to a lot of “deep” music and low frequencies. DJs and performers who take me to a place beyond legibility... they tend to make me lose it the most. I've been working more and more in a capacity that relates to dance music, but this night is all about experimentalism, about that third space, created through the act that doesn't already have an obvious answer.
Viktor Timofeev: I've been really enjoying slowly discovering Xasthur. Actually, I'd love to hear that blasting in a club. As for the night, it'll be a pretty physical experience; whether that means just overall loudness or intensity, we'll have to see! 

DD: How was Neutral Paradise born?
Bryce Hackford: Neutral Paradise as a title came from a conversation about an ideal environment for living. We knew we wanted to make a space with light and sound and this, ironically, seemed to give it life.
Viktor Timofeev: Actually I think it came from a discussion not about an ideal environment, but a compromised one; a kind of luke-warm solace. That is to say, a space that is real. There was an opportunity to do something at the gallery space and so I wanted to open up the conversation to Bryce and to see what we can come up with together.

DD: Is heaven a place on earth?
Viktor Timofeev:
That’s kind of what Neutral Paradise sets out to explore...

DD: How should we prepare for the night?
Bryce Hackford: Begin anywhere
Viktor Timofeev: Be on time. 

November 23rd, 7pm; ‘Neutral Paradise Sound Salon', Hannah Barry Gallery, Peckham, London