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Peepholes - The Overspill

An exclusive first listen to the underground punk duo's new album on cult label Upset the Rhythm

Made up of Katia Barrett and Nick Carlisle, the synth vs drums duo known for their primal, dance-friendly rhythms and haunting vocals under the name Peepholes are finally releasing their debut album. Titled The Overspill, the Bahrain/North Ireland-raised, Brighton-met and London-based pair effortlessly move between more danceable sounds and underground punk influences throughout.

Set for release on the cult DIY label Upset the Rhythm, The Overspill arrives as a continuation from their last record Caligula laughs in the face of traditional structures, taking a more fluid approach to songwriting. After a whirlwind session of improvisation and recording over two days at East London's DIY hub Power Lunches, a lengthy six month edit formed the final record to what it is today, featuring coverart from Barrett's friend Ksenia Pedan as the perfect ambiguous statement.

Dazed Digital premieres the stunning album due out on 26 November here in full:

Images Courtesy of Peepholes