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Legowelt - Renegade of a New Age video

Dutch electronic producer Danny Wolfers on the prestigious Clone Records makes us a trippy exclusive video following him and his lady Xosar on an otherworldly journey on VHS

Dutch artist Danny Wolfers, better known by his most recent alias Legowelt, has been producing music under a string of different names since the early 90s. His latest release The Paranormal Soul, pulls together 12 previously unreleased tracks into a collection described somewhat ambiguously by Clone Records as ‘steamy and mysterious’. Though you’d be hard pressed to explain exactly what it is about this latest album that sounds humid, The Paranormal Soul blends a varied mix of New York, Detroit, Chicago and early UK Rave, all liberally smothered in Legowelt’s trademark synth heavy techno. Though not quite as ground-breaking as you might expect from such a long standing producer, tracks like Elementz Of Houz Music and Renegade Of A New Age (as heard in this video he made premiered exclusively on Dazed) give you glimpses of Wolfer’s unique ability to pair disparate sounds together almost effortlessly.

Dazed Digital: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s new?
Umm, just working on a rainy Monday morning on some freestyle tracks. What’s new? My Roland JD800 and Kawai K1II.

DD: It’s been described as your new opus, but what is it that makes ‘The Paranormal Soul’ so different?
I don't think it’s that different, it’s a selection of tracks from a huge collection that was available. I selected the tracks with Serge from Clone so I guess he's to blame.

DD: What inspired you whilst you were working on it? Was there anything you consciously tried to avoid or move on from?
Moving away a little from played out stuff like TR707's and Roland Juno 60 basslines.

DD: What’re your plans for the future? What’s next for Legowelt?
Well the usual stuff make music, play gigs, program weird computer
programs on obsolete platforms, dabble about with synthesizers, make
video clips, do paranormal and occult research and investigation.

What’s …
… the best thing about where you’re from?
The secret Gnome civilization living in the forests here.

… good for a hangover cure?
Xosars vegetable curry.

… the best gig you’ve played?
Salambo Bar in 1999 The Hague Holland.

… and the worst?

Zaal de Gevulde Koek Hiepolitushoef Noord Nolland 1998.