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TOPS – Turn Your Love Around

Wonderful new video from melodic Grimes label mates TOPS, shot at a local school for deaf children premiering inside

Canada's Arbutus Records has been good to us this year, with stellar releases from Doldrums, Majical Cloudz, as well as their breakout homegirl Grimes. Today, Dazed premieres the new video from TOPS, a DIY pop four-piece who are one of the label's newest recruits. 

TOPS filmed their video "Turn Your Love Around' on location at Toronto's Northern Secondary School dance class for deaf students. It's a wonderful accompaniment to the song's psych-y jangle, as students link arms and sashay in sweaty joy. Intentionally or otherwise, the song's title also riffs on 'Turn Your Life Around', a youth development agency which offers creative and enriching programmes to teenagers, like that depicted in the clip.

"We wanted to create songs that make people feel really good," TOPS' frontwoman Jane Penny told Mimi Haddon in Dazed and Confused's October issue. "People make music and don’t care if no one else gets it, but that doesn’t appeal to us. We didn’t want to rely on effects too much either. I got tired of hearing music where everything is obscured and there was too much distance between the band and the listener.”