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Med Lin / Reassuring mix

The brains behind Leeds-based digital electronica label Reassuring makes us a new mix alongside some trippy visuals

Behind the digital label 'Reassuring' putting out free obscure electronic music, is Josh Sporle aka Med Lin. Operating out of Leeds, Sporle has collaborated and released tracks from artists all over Europe and the US, with more to come from Japan and France this October. His own music flows between ambient and downtempo deconstructed electronica with layered synth sounds floating in digital harmony. Here he's made us an exclusive new mix and talks to us about datamoshing; plus for a kaleidoscopic teaser trailer he made for their latest release, Sporle says: "It's pretty trippy and it has dolphins in it, so you've literally nothing to lose". We agree.

Dazed Digital: For those who don't know, please introduce yourself?
Med Lin:
Hello! I'm a Leeds-based producer, and also the founder of a collaborations based netlabel called Reassuring. In both instances, I'm exploring various genres of underground and alternative electronica.

DD: Your work/label features a lot of trippy visuals, do you do your visual art yourself / is it a big part of your music?

Med Lin: Yes, I make the videos! I typically use the fairly common technique of "datamoshing", with some chroma keying and feedback loops. It's actually a surprisingly tedious process. I guess the re-interpretive element of the videos is a also big part of Reassuring, where tracks will get remixed beyond recognition. And I suppose a lot of the music I make tends to be considered more to do with art than popular music culture. I think that's what people say when they mean it's surprisingly tedious anyway.    

DD: Tell us about your mix for Dazed?

Med Lin: Okay, well I'm listening to a lot of beats at the minute; they're kind of the perfect example of re-interpretation. So there's a generous helping of those, a couple of tracks from Reassuring artists, and then some fresh tracks from electronic producers I happen to like. It's a mixed bag of crazy, but I think it all comes together quite nicely.

DD: What are you working on now and what's next?

Med Lin: I'm currently focusing a lot of attention on the netlabel - there's a couple of artists from Japan I'm currently working with, and a few Stateside. I've made most of the releases so far, so I'm really interested in starting to find some artists to collaborate with each other for EPs; the first of this format will be out very, very soon! I'd also really like to put a physical compilation out fairly soon, so we'll see what happens there.

Artwork by Med Lin