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Melody's Echo Chamber video premiere

Watch the video from the exciting and talented Parisian pop dreamer inside, for the first time ever

Melody Prochet makes acid-drenched dreampop with the clatter of someone mistaking their KORGs for marching band cymbals. Her debut album is a stellar freakpop wooze to make Laetitia Sadier proud, produced by Kevin Parker of Tame Impala and was released to instant acclaim this September. Today Dazed Digital premieres the tripped-out video for 'You Won't Be Missing That Part Of Me', in which the 25-year-old Parisian cavorts on a beach amongst kaleidoscopic FX and rides a bicycle with sparklers in the spokes. Perhaps this is what she meant when she claimed in our August issue that her music's best enjoyed with "a palm of liberty cap mushrooms"?

DazedDigital: Aside from shrooms, what other influences do you draw from?
Melody Prochet: I'm fascinated by Matthew Lewis' gothic novel 'The Monk'. I love that it's a work of youth; he wrote it before he turned 20. It’s kind of a morality tale mixed with a horrific plot and some supernaturalism. At the end the Monk sells his soul to the Devil. It's really fucked up.  

DD: What music video would you make, given an unlimited budget? 
Melody Prochet: I would love to go shoot in Danxia, China for all the psychedelic scenery. Also I’d bring this amazing abandoned Pod city in Taiwan back from the dust. It looks like retro coloured spaceships, it's so awesome!  And I'd probably kill the unlimited budget by hiring monsieur Michel Gondry! 

DD: What would I see if I looked inside your, erm, 'Echo Chamber'? 
Melody Prochet: You'd see the final scene from 'Zabriskie Point'!