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Triad God – Pok

The New Cross-raised Chinese / Vietnamese rapper layers dark dreamy beats with his cryptic vocals on his debut LP on Hippos In Tanks

Debuting his 'NXB' (New X Boys) LP on cult imprint Hippos In Tanks, the elusive young rapper straight outta New Cross, Triad God, aka Vinh Ngan presents his mixtape now remixed & remastered, to be released with three new tracks on the forward-thinking label.

Born and raised in the UK, the Vietnamese-Chinese rapper working with London electronic producer Palmistry incorporates unlikely influences for his unique sound; layering soporific, dream-like beats and wistful instrumentals under his spoken word vocals in his native language - mostly chatting about life in the Triad brotherhood and swearing a fuckload. Here we tried to squeeze some words out of Ngan (which he asked us to also rep in Chinese) about what he does alongside a premiere of his new track 'Pok' (which is a pretty naughty word in Cantonese).

Dazed Digital: What's your favourite thing about SE London?
Triad God:
The hood, I grew up in Peckham but always been a New Cross boy. / 鄰里, 我在佩卡姆長大, 但我一直是一個新交叉的男孩。

DD: Are your lyrics personal to you or are they a secondary consideration to the music as such?
I'm just making tunes it's not really personal. / 我只在做音樂, 它不是真正的個人。

DD: What's your favourite sound currently?

Chinese love songs, Chinese rap music, Tupac / 中國情歌, 中文說唱音樂, 圖帕克

DD: Who or what are you listening to now?

Wong Kit / 王傑

DD: Can you recommend your favourite website/blog we might have missed?

I just watch Chinese films on Youtube / 我只是在Youtube上看中國的電影

How would you describe your work?

It's all good cause I just do what I want / 我只是做我想做的

What's next?

HK / 香港

'NXB' is the first Triad God release on Hippos In Tanks, available as a very limited edition LP.