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Kim Ann Foxman: EP Premiere

Hear the new EP from the New York house producer in full, as she chats to us about her views on UK club culture

Ahead of playing the iconic London club Fabric's 13th Birthday this weekend (alongside the likes of Bicep, Ben UFO, Space Dimension Controller, and Omar S), New York raver Kim Ann Foxman (of Hercules and Love Affair) known for her catchy house anthems speaks to us about the new generation of clubbers, and her view of clubbing in London and the UK today. Foxman's new EP 'Return It' on Needwant presents two unabashed melodic house tracks featuring her infectious vocals, with remixes from Berlin's Steffi and Populette.

Dazed Digital: What do you feel is the current climate for clubbing in London? Do you prefer warehouse venues to long-running clubs for example?
Kim Ann Foxman: I think right now it's about long running clubs and also small lil' new clubs too. I prefer intimate settings over massive ones. But a great warehouse party can always be amazing as well, in that case, I prefer to be playing at it.
DD: Do you think the crowds for house and electronic music changed over the last few years and why do you think that is, if so?
Kim Ann Foxman: Yes, I think it's reaching more and more people. A lot of people that were never into dance music are loving it now, and more artists are incorporating it into their music also house music is having another big moment, although, it was always around and always amazing to me and the old school house heads. It's getting respect from people that were not into it before and a younger generation. Some of that younger generation is doing an amazing job with it as well. Waves of trends open doors and help open peoples minds who were not open to it before. I also think that some people are ready for more vocal situations who were more into minimal things before so that opens up a lot of options. Indie bands or getting more and more electronic, and now so is pop, which may not be the best thing for underground dance music, but quality will always be there, and there will always be a distinction. Festivals have also opened up electronic music to more people as well.
DD: How do you feel about Fabric as an institution, and what do you think its effects have been on London club culture?
Kim Ann Foxman: I've always been a fan of Fabric from the start. they have all the top underground DJs and artists play there, and they always present quality. It's major, and is definitely one of the best clubs in the world. I think as an artist it's an amazing get to play there, and as a club-goer, you will always find good music there. thats solid. I think London has always been in the future as far as club culture, underground music,  and club trends, Fabric helps keeps that alive. It's one of the top clubs where in one night, you can find so many amazing DJs all in one place.
DD: Where do you like to go out in London now?
Kim Ann Foxman: When I'm not DJing myself, I'm honestly pretty low key, I go have a drink to catch up with friends and dinner, walk around Soho or East London, bar hopping. I save my club time for when I'm working so that I'm really excited to be there rather than burnt out from the night before.