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Antwon: Exclusive 'Diamonds & Pearls' Remix

The San Jose rapper shares an exclusive remix by Svengali from his epic new album 'End of Earth'

We're lucky that San Jose, California-based rapper Antwon spent his early days rocking out to punk and hardcore bands, giving him an ear for unique beats and eclectic taste today. His stunning 9-track album/mixtape End of Earth with production from the likes of Pictureplane ("Living Every Dream"), Big Baby Ghandi ("Sittin in Hell"), and DJ Sex Play ("Diamonds and Pearls" which we get an exclusive remix of HERE by Svengali) presents a diverse range of hip hop from incorporating epic sax samples (Lap of Luxury) to reworkings of Grimes' panpipes (Give Me My $$$).

Dazed Digital: How would you describe your style, musical or otherwise...
Different, I guess. I'm obviously influenced by musicians, public figures, and people who helped build my character I definitely celebrate them in my own way which is what people seem to hear but I think my over-all style my over-all aesthetic it's just different. Ima weirdo no apologies.
DD: What were the inspirations that went into the album and how long did it take to make?
Antwon: The Blackie albums I was listening to... His production is beyond insane to me. I originally was trying to get at him to do a beat on there. I didn't want to push it because the way every song on END OF EARTH was it was like someone would send me something and they would just fit into the album I wouldn't try and make them fit, they just fell into place. People would ask me throughout the recording process "yo jus' tell me what your album sounds like and I'll cater to that" - I tried to be straight up about it but some things just don't work out. For the time length and how long it took - not long. End of Earth is my honest attempt at being in tune with my thoughts and feelings.

DD: Are your lyrics quite personal or always fictional?
Antwon: My lyrics are always personal cause some way or another it is something that's happened to me. I obviously have to at some point have to rap these lyrics live so most of the time I try to wrap it up with in some fluff as to not sound like a total loser or have certain people think I'm talking about them.

DD: Who are your favourite new producers or who should we be looking out for?
Antwon: Cities Aviv tracks he's produced are insane. Hot Sugar is very much on another level. Big Baby Gandhi is very versatile on beat making. dj sex play is gonna have some crazy stuff next year! I like a lot of producer it would take me a long time but KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED you never know!

DD: What are you most looking forward to now?
Antwon: I just got the t-shirts running and I've been getting hit up about doing collabs with companies. I'm very much into clothes so designing clothes is something that's always been on my mind. I'm excited to just create more things like-minded people are gonna lose their fucking minds over.

Exclusive download: Antwon - Diamonds & Pearls (Svengali Remix)