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The LA-based artist famed for his 303 and 808 sounds is the latest select from the noise-rock band

Named after the San Fernando Valley, SFV Acid aka Zane Reynolds, is making far out electro / funk-influenced, well, acid for the likes of UNO NYC. Chosen by our week's guest-editors, experimental band Liars, about the young artist they've said: "Reseda. I think of it as John Waters' Baltimore of Los Angeles. I lived in Reseda for three years, enough to develop a life long fascination with it. Zane Reynolds chooses to remain in his hometown and further, to make a soundtrack for it. His musical project SFV Acid is expanding its audience with good reason. The music is its own unique blend of Acid and dance that also hints at Zane's skills as a DJ."

What has been the best acid trip ever?I'm on one everyday

Dazed Digital: How has growing up during the 'internet era' affected your work, if it has?
SFV Acid: Ya, definitely. It's probably given me a more open mind to keep doing what I'm doing, especially because I'm in contact with people who wouldn't have had the chance to hear it any other way.

DD: Given an unlimited budget, what would your dream artistic project be?
SFV Acid: I have too many Ideas. It would have to be a new idea. Maybe it would be to buy ad space, buy homes, invest in a real life outside of my mothers house.

DD: What has been/would be the best acid trip ever?
SFV Acid: I'm on one everyday.

DD: Do you think that you share a certain aesthetic or synonymity with Liars / their work at all?
SFV Acid: I think we can both be spooky and humorous. I saw them when MTV2 still played music videos, it was exciting seeing what they were doing. It was Wacky.

DD: What are you working on now/next?
SFV Acid: Too many things. An album, some EP'S. Some other projects that don't have to do with music. Just trying to use my hands more, ya know. Squeezing Pulling, ripping stuff apart.