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Nite Jewel Vs Sensations Fix

The ever-enchanting lo-fi LA dream pop producer meets Italian prog legend Franco Falsini

New York's Nite Jewel aka Ramona Gonzalez, known for her dreamy electronic disco-tinged pop, meets one of her heroes, Italian prog pioneer Sensations' Fix's Franco Falsini over on Skype. As he releases a new compilation, 'Music Is Painting In The Air', of his mixes and unheard tracks from the group's 1974 - 1977 era, on RVNG Intl this autumn, the two got together to talk about the Italian prog scene, Kurt Vonnegut-inspired lyricism and soundtracks for bizarre experimental films...

Nite Jewel: Okay, so… [final Sensations' Fix album] Antidote. What's up with it?
Sensations' Fix: Antidote was the antidote, I had to find an antidote for Sensations' Fix. It was a turning point, after Antidote, I didn't have to assert a name, a brand, a symbol, but did the opposite. From then on, we were free to do any album, every album was an album of it's own. It was like always inventing, inventing new sound or ideas. Something that would last the time of the album. After the antidote I could venture into new things, it was freedom of identity. Before Antidote, the music of Sensations' Fix was like a drug to me, it ruined my health, it was an obsession. That obsession wore out after Antidote, once I decided to make songs with structure, decided put my ideas into pieces, and shred myself into millions of little pieces.