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MICAELA I, II ; 2011

Vase: Trusst x Jacques Greene

The art and fashion collective team up with the Canadian electronic producer for a one-off all-immersive 'where-am-I-who-am-I' digital dungeon

Launching a collaborative audio/visual event for his label Vase, cult Canadian producer Jacques Greene will be arriving in London for a one-off performance at XOYO working with artists/fashion designers Trusst and filmmakers No Problem. This weekend, they'll be hosting a night of visual art and musical endeavours for the launch of the new limited edition release from Vase. Here we meet the duo behind Trusst about the show to come, which they describe as a minimal digital mind-fuck dungeon...

What to expect from the XOYO event? Basically, a minimal yet immersive where-am-I-who-am-I digital mind-fuck dungeon

Dazed Digital: Can you tell us about your work with Jacques Greene and how it came about?
We met Jacques in Montreal, a few years ago. We've always enjoyed eachother's company and sense of aesthetic. When he was planning on launching VASE, we met a few times, for a few drinks, with a few ideas. Like TRUSST, his record label doesn't abide by standard definitions, so he had the idea to sign us on as visual creatives. Since then, we've been working on a few great ideas, including a limited edition apparel and accessory line, which is currently in the works.

DD: What can we expect from the XOYO event?
Trusst: Basically, a minimal yet immersive where-am-I-who-am-I digital mind-fuck dungeon

DD: What is the creative arts scene like in Montreal?
Trusst: Montreal is an incubator for anything creative; its a satellite. There are lovely, talented communities of artists there, I feel a tremendous amount of potential within the Montreal hub. There are fragments of sub-cultures everywhere, and as an artist, it consistently allows you to have the freedom to explore and invest into new ideas.

DD: For those that don't know the history of Trusst, how did you grow the creative agency and fashion/art showcase and what do you do best?
Trusst: We always work with a multi-disciplinary approach and every concept is translated/communicated differently. TRUSST came about in 2008. A few years before, Andrew and I met in Montreal just before I moved to London, and we began working on projects via skype. At the end of each day, we would show eachother our work, and it became uncanny how similar our ideas materialized. This definitely confirmed my belief in the 'collective consciousness'. We wanted to create an international platform for collaboration, a way to create images, moods, environments with other creatives- designers, dancers, programmers, musicians, etc. I believe our strenghts lie in execution, treating every project as its own unique entity and creating awesome experiences with everyone we work with.

DD: Can you tell us about your recent designs and what inspired them?
Trusst: Whether creating for an environment or the body, the objects and pieces we make are most often project-specific. We've just completed a series of one of  a kind vases for VASE, to be released soon! Lately, we've branched out from photo and video into more digital applications, including a recent 360 degree dome projection. We are driven by the senses, trying to stimulate people beyond the visual, which I dont think is enough these days. We want to make people feel or even relate to the work on a multi-sensorial level.

DD: What are you working on for your next project?
Trusst: The next project is an interactive installation and of course, finishing up last minute details for the VASE launch at XOYO, which we are all really looking forward to.

VseClub03: October 5th, Jacques Greene plus special guests at XOYO, Shoreditch, London. £10 advance tickets HERE